Sunday, October 21, 2012

Romance in The Sacrificed

Note: The Sacrificed will be released on June 24, 2013 in Ebook format. It will then be available on most digital platforms, including the Entranced Publishing website.

Romance is a key theme in The Sacrificed, and though it may not seem that way when read at a glance, the love that Dusk and Emerald share is extremely critical to the story's progression
Most of us enjoy tales of forbidden love. They usually detail two people who become romantically involved in the worst possible situations--where it is either politically incorrect to do so, or where it has simply never been done before.

In the Ebook, sixteen year old Emerald Hayden is a walker, which means that she resides on the lower level of the City of Centsia. Even though she is half-winged, she has no wings, thus all of the privileges associated with having winged blood are invalid for her.

Dusk is a full winged, a pure blood. His fate collides with Emeralds' in an unlikely meeting on the lower level. But you'll have to read the full edition to discover the deaths and the struggles that result from it. And yes, there are many deaths!

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